Department of Physics

Timothy Newman

Ph.D. University of Manchester
Home Department: Arizona State University Department of Physics
Area of Study:
Biological Physics, Computational Biology
Research Page: Timothy Newman
Office Hours:
Thursday: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Curriculum Vitae:
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Timothy Newman has a research background in the theory of non-equilibrium systems and stochastic processes. His current interests lie in biological modeling and systems biology, with particular emphasis on embryo development. He has a general interest in the role of fluctuations in biological systems.  Research techniques used in the group are evenly divided between analysis (e.g. theory of stochastic processes, techniques from many-body theory) and large-scale computation.

Selected Publications

McKane, A. J., Nagy, J., Newman, T. J., and Stefanini, M. . 2007 . Amplified Biochemical Oscillations in Cellular Systems . Journal of Statistical Physics . 128 . 165:191
DeSimone, R. E., Boondirek, A., and Newman, T. J. . 2006 . Connecting Genotype with Phenotype using the Genome Template Model: Pleiotropy, Polygenic Traits, and Life-History Strategies . Artifical Life X (MIT Press). . .
McKane, A. J. and Newman, T. J. . 2005 . Predator-prey Cycles from Resonant Amplification of Demographic Stochasticity . Physical Review Letters . 94 . 218102
Newman, T. J. . 2005 . Modeling Multi-cellular Systems Using Sub-cellular Elements . Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering . 2 . 613:624
Grima, R. and Newman, T. J. . 2004 . Accurate Discretization of Advection-diffusion Equations . Physical Review . E 70 . 036703
Newman, T. J. and Grima, R. . 2004 . Many-body Theory of Chemotactic Cell-cell Interactions . Physical Review . E 70 . 051916

Research Interests

A cluster of ~1000 cells "grown" using the Subcellular Element Model.

Cross-sectional view of cell cluster, showing compactness through adaptive cell-shape dynamics.